Plain Site Massacres

Plain Site Massacres

My dad was a straight shooter, His word was bond and he taught by example. I mention him because of the subject matter for this post. The African & Black Diaspora stolen people and voluntary movement to various parts of the world is a fascinating study to say the least. Racial violence is a part of American history since 1660. Massacres in the black and brown communities is another tactic of systematic racism and white supremacy to keep a knee on the necks of a people who would give the system a run for its money if it were a fair fight. Through revolts of stolen people enslaved, and reconstruction and post-reconstruction era, to race riots, violence on college campuses, to urban uprising and 21st century racial violence, African Americans have been and still are victimized and murdered simply because of the hue and the audacity to have pride in being black.

Plain sight massacres such as New Orleans Massacre 1866, Colfax Massacre 1873, Hamburg Massacre 1876, Orangeburg Massacre 1968, & Atlanta Massacre 1906 just to name a few, would have been a hell of a lot different if it were a fair fight. My dad taught me as a child that fights against our basic existence as blacks in America are rarely fair, but nevertheless we must fight anyway. He never backed down and he came to the fight with pistols in both hands figuratively speaking (in some cases literally) because his right to exist would never be dictated by another human being.

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